The LawsonClarke blog brand-daq – February

Which brands are up, down or resting on their laurels.

This entirely random view will be updated periodically. 





British Airways – for announcing a jet fuel production facility that will create aviation fuel (Avgas) from food waste.  A huge investment, but right ‘on the money’ from both an environmental and PR perspective, it will also add a welcome boost to employment in east London once the Olympics have been and gone.


Toyota – the brand has taken a real pasting from the national media over its recent recall programmes – unjustly so in the opinion of the specialist motoring media – yet the UK management has done an exemplary job in communicating with its stakeholders, including customers, dealer network and the media.  Kept in the headlines for over two weeks, the brand’s recovery is already well under way.





Ryanair – why does Ryanair seemingly hold its customers, staff and competitors in such low regard.  Everyone loves Stelios (Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou) founder of EasyJet and acknowledged pioneer of the budget airline phenomenon (albeit following in Freddie Laker’s jetstream), so publishing a ‘knocking ad.’ calling him a liar is somewhat shooting yourself in the foot.  Ryanair chief executive, Michael O’Leary clearly hasn’t grasped the fundamentals of reputation management, and one of these days will have a major PR disaster to deal with.  At that point, his well of goodwill will be empty, and no one will run to his defense.


2 Responses to The LawsonClarke blog brand-daq – February

  1. Peter Edge-Partington says:

    Yo!How things have changed. Good to see you foment in the most fashinable way!!

  2. D McCarthy says:

    Have never flown Ryanair; will never fly Ryanair other than as a very desperate refugee from war/famine/natural disaster. The company is an obscenity.

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