Modesty prevents….

Yeah, like that’s going to happen!

Leading independent consumer motoring website,, has analysed six months of Twitter data to reveal the car manufacturers that are tweeted about the most, which models are frequently mentioned and which industry figures are the most influential.

The results can be seen at:

And at no. 10 in ‘The Top 20 motor industry influencers’ is…. you guessed it. (Scroll down if you didn’t!)

Their press release continues:

Those car companies that perform well are not just being mentioned on Twitter, but are actively influencing others, with research showing that it’s not just about building up a massive follower base, either. Although some of the most influential people identified through the research have a large follower base, others don’t. The most successful Tweeters influence the influencers, rather than speak to an audience that isn’t listening.

Top of the pile is Toyota’s Head of PR, Scott Brownlee, who used Twitter to great effect earlier in the year to keep owners updated with news of the brake pedal recall, in addition to more traditional forms of communication. Other top tweeters include Silverstone Race Circuit and the Driving Standards Authority – both of which really connect with their audiences.

“Having an authentic voice on Twitter is becoming crucial for any company that wants to actively communicate with those buying and owning its cars,” explained Daniel Harrison, Editor, “Those companies who are engaging with people are those that are leaving a lasting impression on them.

“There has been a lot of research done in the past into what’s causing a buzz on Twitter – in politics for instance. But this is the first time that anyone’s looked into the motor industry – despite its size and importance. At we found this lack of insight into motoring tweeters rather strange, so we have compiled the top motor industry tweets.

“This breakdown finally sheds some light as to who and what have captured the imagination on Twitter. But, things change quickly, so we’ll be updating this in coming months”, concluded Daniel Harrison.

The analysis has been broken down into three sections:

Most mentioned models
Top 20 motor industry influencers
Most used words in the bios of @_honestjohn followers

Top 20 UK Motor Industry Influencers**

1. @ToyotaPR // Head of PR for Toyota and Lexus in the UK

2. @SilverstoneUK// The UK’s premier motorsport venue

3. @DSAgovuk// Official Twitter channel of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

4. @NissanUKPR // Press office team for Nissan in the UK – Gabi, Linda & Gloria

5. @valvo // PR Manager for Toyota and Lexus in the UK

6. @AstonMartin // The official home of Aston Martin on Twitter

7. @AutomotivePR// Specialist PR Agency, providing services to the global motor industry

8. @UKNissanLEAF// Official Twitter for Nissan LEAF in the UK.

9. @Andy_Francis// Co-founder of sports and auto PR agency

10. @LawsonClarke// Twitter Stream from Jeremy Clarke of Lawson Clarke

11. @Honda_UK // Tweets from Steve Kirk at Honda (UK) on cars, motorcycles and power equipment

12. @grouplotusplc// Group Lotus plc – Manufacturers of the renowned lightweight performance sportscars

13. @JaguarUKPR // The Jaguar UK PR team and press office

14. @SEAT_cars_UK// Mike Orford – Head of PR for SEAT in the UK

15. @suzanne_tennant// Ex Fifth Gear now @ Golley Slater PR

16. @TomHyundai // PR Manager of Hyundai UK

17. @InsideVolvoUK// Official Twitter feed for Volvo Cars UK

18 @AlfaRomeo_UK// Official updates from various Tweeples in the Alfa Romeo UK PR team

19. @smartfortwoUK// Official smart car news and views from smart UK

20. @MercedesBenzUK// Official Mercedes-Benz news from the UK head office in Milton Keynes

**Calculated by analysing the ratio between activity, mentions and re-tweets.


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  1. Mr Mazda says:

    Some interesting data from Honest John there. Excellent read.

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