How happy are you with your PR?

Journalists can be a very critical lot, and have high expectations of the service they receive from PR people.  So we asked 100 consumer journalists what they thought about the service they receive from us. 

“If you attended LawsonClarke’s recent press event, how useful did you find it?”


Very Useful or Useful


Neither Useful nor Unuseful



“How satisfied are you with the quality of the press release writing?” 93.3%Very Satisfied or Satisfied

6.7%Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied



“When contacting the LawsonClarke press office, how satisfied are you with the overall service including response and the level of product knowledge?” 90.3%

Very Satisfied or Satisfied


Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied


 Additional positive feedback:

 “I received price info and high-res images almost immediately after requesting, very pleased with the service.” Sainsbury’s Magazine

“I have worked with the Lawson Clarke team for many years and have always received a fast and professional service.” SHE Magazine

“Keep up the good work!” Freelance journalist

“Extremely happy with the professional, efficient and friendly service that Lawson Clarke has always supplied over the years.  Long may it continue.” Freelance journalist

If you’d like to improve your brand’s relationship with the press, improve your reputation or discuss any other aspect of your PR communication, just get in touch with us.

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